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TIGRAFFITI is available for download in a high-resolution digital format, with a width of 3937 pixels and a height of 4724 pixels at 200 dpi. This ensures that the artwork is crisp, clear, and of the highest quality, even when printed on larger sizes.

The large size of the digital print allows for maximum flexibility in terms of the paper format and size you choose. Whether you prefer a small print for your home or a large, statement piece for your office, TIGRAFFITI can be printed to suit your needs. The maximum recommended size for the print is 50cm in height by 60cm in width, which is perfect for a range of different paper formats.

With TIGRAFFITI, you can have a unique and striking piece of artwork that is tailored to your personal style and preferences. The combination of graffiti and the iconic image of a tiger creates a powerful and visually appealing piece that is sure to become a conversation starter in any setting. So, download TIGRAFFITI today and add a touch of urban cool to your space!

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